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Dumpster Rental Augusta, GA

Augusta GA Dumpster Rental is a specialist quality dumpster service company for bin and dumpster rentals. In case any unwanted junk is lying around the house or you’re planning to get a post-renovation clean-up done, we have a dumpster for your trash removal needs.

Years of experience in the dumpster rental service industry is a testament to our mission of keeping your spaces clean. But, we also know you don’t want to wait too long. So, we will get the trash removal process done and dusted in no time at all.

A 20 yard blue dumpster rental at a home remodeling site in the Westwick Augusta GA area.
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What do you need to dispose of?

We’re the fastest growing dumpster and bin rental business that provides container rentals for all types of projects. We serve construction projects that may require huge dumpsters. Along with this, we also provide small to medium sized containers for residential projects. Lastly, we give rent bins and dumpsters for commercial projects of all types.

Either big or small, our goal is to give the right dumpsters for any project. We have dumpster consultants to choose the ideal container sizes and types with an adequate rental length for you. Furthermore, the consultants who work with you will ask the right questions and note all of your requirements for the best recommendation.

Apart from the consultants, our expert staff includes delivery professionals that are well equipped and experienced to handle roll-away container and garbage bins. They will also guide and tell you which trash materials can be hauled away. In addition to this, Augusta Dumpster Rental’s delivery experts are trained to stack all the items to utilize the space of the container.

Augusta Dumpster Rental is an industry leading dumpster rental company that provides the best affordable service while renting a dumpster. The rental costs are optimized for container types and sizes. Therefore, you will only need to pay for what you need. Generally, renovating your home will leave a lot of waste that needs a bigger container. Whereas, replacing a small deck can work with a smaller bin. Otherwise we have varying sizes for dumping trash after remoulding a small bathroom. So, we give the bin size that’s perfect for you. We’re also open to working on any challenge you have for us in the dumpster rental service. That is because our dumpster consultants and delivery experts are always eager to finish projects on time and on a budget!

A street view of a dumpster rental at a building near Red Lobster restaurant in Augusta GA.
A 30 yard construction dumpster at a home remodeling project in Dennis Dr at Martinez GA area.

Waste removal is an important task to keep our society clean and healthy. As a responsible member of this society, Augusta Dumpster Rental is always open for communication to discuss waste removals of any kind. You can rely on us to do our job of providing dumpsters and assisting you with all waste removal needs.

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Affordable Dumpster Rental in Augusta, GA

If being on a tight budget is a dilemma, we have some of, if not the lowest portable dumpster rental prices in the Augusta  GA area. Additionally, our prices and value with our discount dumpsters, establishes us above other dumpster rental companies. We also keep a strong policy to avoid cost-cutting in important areas of our affordable dumpster leasing service. So, you can always count on us to deliver a superb job of managing your trash in the best possible way! To get actual prices, give us a call and we will send a quote instantly depending upon your needs.

A roll off dumpster getting hauled away on our truck near Harveys Supermarket in Augusta GA.

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Roll Away Dumpster Sizes

If you’re on a look out to Haul away your trash and debris without any hassle, we have the best service for you. Our roll off trash container rental service is there to get your trash away safely. These rollback dumpsters are great for piling your trash from a project for up to 10 days with potential to rent for more. Moreover, our mobile dumpster is carried on a special roll away truck directly to your lot and set it up where you need it. Regardless of how big or small your project site is, our roll away dumpster can slot in nicely without much trouble. Once your project is over, we will dispatch our driver to your site to pick up the unit. Further, your waste materials will safely reach our dumpster site for a safe disposal.

Following are the roll away dumpster sizes we offer for your needs:

Example of a blue dumpster size of 5 yard at Sandalwood Dr in Forest Estates area.

10-Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

The smallest dumpster in our lineup is the 10-yard roll-off dumpster which is best suited for smaller projects. Although they are small, they can handle a tough job without a problem. So, you can use the dumpster to handle around 6000 pounds of trash. You should also note that this amount can vary depending upon the sizes of all pieces you pile on to them.

This small dumpster rental can be an ideal choice for any small projects you have or there isn’t much room for a larger dumpster. Our 10-yard small dumpster rental is best for junk removal from tiny or hard to reach areas. It can be used to put the trash out from basements, garages or any other places like attics or spare bedrooms. Surprisingly, this small thing can take on jobs like landscaping renovations and even storm cleanup if you need it. However, there’s a lot of jobs where this might not be suitable because of the lesser size.

15-Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

Going up a size, we have our 15-yard dumpsters for slightly bigger projects that the smaller dumpster isn’t big enough for and if a bigger size is unnecessary. They’re also just good enough to fit in tight spaces while being able to hold a lot more trash or debris. Though, if you have a big project that requires more capacity, this will feel a little small.

This commercial and residential dumpster rental is perfect for small projects like garage or office cleanouts and to throw away materials like concrete, shingles or dirt. They’re also good enough for renovations, reroofing or flooring projects that need a lot of trash removal. To manage the cleanup of your backyard, this dumpster can handle tree limbs of different sizes, old shrubs or any other yard waste you need to get rid of. Lastly, it can be used to dispose of any old kitchen appliances that are out of use.

Example of a blue dumpster size of 15 yard at Cardinal Dr near Newman Tennis Center in Forest Hills, Augusta GA.

20-Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

Coming to one of our most popular dumpster rental sizes, the 20-yard dumpster is a go-to because of its size, capacity, versatility and most importantly the price. This dumpster is capable of holding the same amount of weight as its smaller counterparts. However, you get more room of about 10 square yards to dump more trash and junk.

This size of our dumpster is perfect for large-scale home renovations and heavy debris jobs like large yard cleanups or removing trees. Our frequent customers use this size for decluttering garage spaces and deck, patio, or roof removals. Additionally, the dumpster features almost identical dimensions as the smaller sizes but is around four feet longer. So, you may need to map out the spacing in your project area to see if it fits.

30-Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

Going further up the size ladder, our 30-yard dumpster is big enough for larger projects than just smaller cleanouts or renovations. So, if you need to dispose of 3000 pounds more than the previous sizes, we recommend this dumpster. The larger size comes from an increased height which means you need to consider it if you want to transfer larger and heavier items from ground up.

One of the most common places this size can be seen is project sites where it acts as a construction dumpster. If you need to handle trash from building demolitions or other bigger remodeling or construction projects. Another suitable place for it is for outdoor projects like large-scale lawn cleanouts, warehouse cleanouts or disposing bigger bushes. In fact, this might be the best roll-away dumpster size for any large-scale trash removal projects.

Example of a blue dumpster size of 30 yard at Kissingbower Dr in Pendleton King area in Augusta GA.

40-Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

The biggest size available is the 40-yard dumpster that can hold up to 12,000 pounds. Regardless of any project, this dumpster size can do it all when it comes to trash removal. The dimensions remain relatively the same as the 30-yard counterpart but has a bit more height. So, you need to have accurate measurements done of your site to accommodate it.

Yes, you can use it for any trash removal projects but it will probably be an overkill for a majority of them. It’s not ideal for small projects or room cleanouts. So, you should only get this size for massive trash removals like a high amount of debris or commercial projects. You can also use it for large-scale renovations or large warehouse cleanouts.

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Types of Dumpsters

With all the sizes covered, let’s take a look at different types of dumpsters we can offer you.

Roll Off Dumpsters

Probably the best option for trash removal is the Roll off dumpster. We bring the dumpster to the exact location you need it. It also has great mobility throughout your project site in case you want to move it around. The roll off dumpster can hold the ground on concrete or on other pavements.

A truck dropping off a roll off dumpster for a home in Larkspur Dr in Augusta GA area.
A full 20 yard residential dumpster waiting to get hauled away from the Joiner Crossing Apartments building in Augusta GA area.

Residential Dumpsters

If you’re working on home-projects like cleanouts from garage, old furniture, carpets, yard debris or any type of renovation, residential dumpsters are for you. They’re easy to place where you need them to be and cheap. The budget-friendly prices allow you to get your long-awaited cleanup done for a fresher home! Although we take most of the trash out from your project site, we prohibit a list of inappropriate chemicals or items.

Construction Dumpsters

Construction Dumpsters
Our company is happy to be your partner for all your construction projects. Professional construction companies that work with us trust our rental service for their operations. The constructions dumpsters that are available will fit all your needs during your building or demolition projects. We have different sizing and weight-limit options available for your construction or commercial purposes. Our dumpsters will also fit your project budget as well! Whether it is concrete, yard waste, trees, or scrap metal, drywall and others – our dumpsters are perfect for your construction waste.

Blue construction dumpster at a home near the Terrace Manor Elementary School area on the parking lot collecting construction waste.
Red commercial dumpster deployed outside at a construction site in Walker St Augusta GA.

Commercial Dumpsters

Long-term commercial rentals remain to be some of our most popular requests from various businesses in the Augusta GA area. Our construction dumpsters are the best solution for projects that can’t quite work with standard-issue dumpsters. We’re also able to provide our service if you happen to be outside of the city limits. Furthermore, you can have our commercial dumpsters for a longer duration without any worries of disposing your trash in an unsafe manner.

Use Cases For a Dumpsters

Regardless of your project status as a contractor, builder, or any homeowner, the dumpsters are highly useful tools to dispose of the waste. Our dumpsters are good for any trash removal projects falling under these categories:

You can use our dumpsters to dispose of trash from junk-removal projects of any size like decluttering spaces, estate cleanouts, foreclosure cleanouts, moving and downsizing.

Collected waste in our 20 yard dumpster that is delivered at a driveway of a house near the Columbia Square Shopping Center in Augusta GA area.

Renovation projects are common for all households that want a fresh and clean look of their homes. Projects like flooring, drywall, plaster and remodeling scraps are easy with our dumpsters. Furthermore, you can also call us for projects like kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, flooring or carpet replacement concrete, and driveway or patio removal.

Our dumpster rental service is also great for Landscaping projects and yard debris like dirt, grass clippings and tree limbs. You can also get trash-removal done after tree trimming and shrub removals. Lastly, projects like an entire lawn cleanup or overhaul of a landscape design can use our dumpsters.

What Materials Are & Aren’t Allowed for a Dumpster?

We have several restrictions in place that separate items between the ones that we can dispose of and some that we can’t. Here’s a list of all the materials in both sections:

The 30 yard commercial dumpster on a side street collecting trash and waste in Lake Cumberland West Evans Georgia area.

Materials Permitted

Plaster or Drywall
Flooring & Carpet
Countertops & Cabinets
Appliances & Fixtures
General Trash

Materials Prohibited

All types of motor oil
Aerosol cans
Gasoline or Diesel fuel
Pesticides or herbicides
Televisions or computer monitors
Animals (deceased or otherwise)

Our Dumpster Rental Process

1. Call us to book your dumpster rental

The process starts from you reaching out to us for our services. You can call us anytime you need our Dumpster rental service and our agents will be ready to answer all your questions. Once we know your requirements, we can arrange your dumpster delivery! All you need to do is call us to start our process. Additionally, pricing and rental terms shall be discussed with our agents on the phone and will be sent on your email for confirmation.

2. Arrange for delivery

Once all the agreements are noted and done, your dumpster will get on its way to reach your destination on the chosen time. You will need to keep the surrounding area of your project site clear and accessible for the dumpster and the delivery executive to place. After reaching the destination, our delivery executive will notify your onsite contact for the drop off.

3. Call for pickup

We recognize our customers’ needs and know that sometimes, you may need to keep the dumpster for a long period. You can do so for as long as you’d want it. Later, when you’re done with it, you simply need to contact us for the pickup. In any case, you will need to inform us beforehand with a 48 hours notice before removal. Moreover, each rental has a specific duration which can be extended with additional charges. Another thing to note is that the pickup times may not be instantaneous but we will try to match the timings that you request.

If you are ready to get our service and your dump trailer, start with the step 1 of giving us a call today!

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Get The Job Done With Our  Professional Dumpster Rental Service

Delivery to Augusta, GA

We mainly operate our temporary dumpster rental service throughout Augusta GA area. We also cover towns surrounding Augusta like North Augusta, Aiken, Belvedere, Laurel Lakes, Grovetown, Harlem, Clearwater, Evans, Martinez, Pinecrest, and Burnettown. Furthermore, if your project site falls near Augusta border with South Carolina, there is a good chance that it comes under our service delivery area. Regardless, you can always connect with us to know if we are available to work with you in your town.


The Roll-off dumpster rental costs are streamlined and you can understand the pricing easily. For the most part, we have kept several factors that influence the cost of the rental. In addition, the costs will also vary depending upon the duration, overfill or extensions. In other words, the cost of the rentals will depend on the type and amount of trash you need to get rid of.

The list of factors that we use to determine the roll-off dumpster prices are:

  • Dumpster size
  • Dumpster availability
  • Location
  • Rental period
  • Total weight of debris
  • Type of debris you’re tossing

Everyone will have different requirements and you can expect to have different pricing for your project. You can call us today to get a free quote of the exact prices for your needs.

The 10 yard dumpster is the smallest size we have that has the capacity to hold up to 10 cubic yards of trash in volume. That is about 50-60 trash bags of 13-gallons each. The measurements for this size are 14 ft long, 7.5 ft wide, and 3.5 ft high.

Whenever you search for a dumpster, you should always consider the amount of trash you need to dispose of. There is no need to go overboard and pay for a size that you won’t need. For instance, you will not need a 20-yard dumpster to take trash out from a small-room renovation. Unlike other dumpster rental companies that only focus on commercial projects, we accept homeowners and contractors who have different needs.

To give you the best service possible, our local Dumpster Consultant will suggest an ideal size depending upon your requirements. As an overview, our 10-yard dumpster is best for small projects and the 15-yard dumpster is good for home improvement projects. The medium-sized containers like the 20-yard dumpster and the 30-yard dumpster are good for slightly larger projects like construction and landscaping. Lastly, the biggest size of 40-yard dumpster is only required for the biggest projects of construction or debris removal after a disaster or a hazard.

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